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About Me

Concept Designer, Philantropist, Entrepreneur

Amédée Santalo completed his Engineer degree in computer science (Unix System Management) in 1992 and started his career in Geneva at CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research. 
Today he is a Concept designer with an Architectural background with more than 25 years of experience and he is the Adviser to H.E. Sheikh Tarek M. Binladen since 2013. 
Amédée has experiences in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe countries which brought him an important network. 

He is specialised in Smart Cities and Skyscrapers Design using Biomimicry as inspiration.
During his stay in UAE he was representing the higher education department for European Union during 2 years (C.I.F.E.).
In the same period he was the Adviser of H.H. Sheikh Tariq M. AL Qassimi, member of the Ras Al Khaimah (U.A.E.) Ruling Family.
He is working along with H.E. Sheikh Tarek M. Binladen since the year 2005 who tought Amédée new type of Cities concept and design.
Today, he is concentrating in Smart Cities projects for Africa and on new Hospitality concepts.
He is partner in Swiss Hospitality Holding SA, a new brand of 4 star hotels chain based in Geneva.
He created Smart Choice hotels and Zen Floating Hotels resort which should start in 2018.
Amédée believes that our society is changing; the Digital revolution, we are currently passing through, will totally transform our future, the upcoming projects have to be designed and conceptualised in the right direction to succeed.

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