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Map is showing Tanzania, a country in East Africa with a coastline at the Indian Ocean. It is bordered by BurundiDemocratic Republic of the Congo (via Lake Tanganyika), KenyaMalawiMozambiqueRwandaUganda, and Zambia, it shares maritime borders with Comoros and the Seychelles and it has a shoreline at Lake Victoria in north.

Area: Tanzania mainland 945,000 km² (378,000 sq. mi.) plus Zanzibar 1 658 km² (640 sq. mi.) this is about three times the size of Italy or slightly larger than twice the size of California. Highest point is Kilimanjaro with 5,895 m the mountain is also the highest point in Africa.

Tanzania has a population of 65 million people, capital is Dodoma, largest city, chief port, major economic and transportation hub and de facto capital is Dar es-Salaam.
Spoken languages are Swahili and English (both official), Arabic (widely spoken in Zanzibar).
The map shows Tanzania with surrounding countries, its international borders, the official national capital Dodoma, province capitals, cities, villages, roads, railroads and major airports.


National Flag of Tanzania


Flag of Zanzibar

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